PRE-SEASON IS HERE! What can you do?

Here are some things you can do as a player  on your own to help prepare for the upcoming season:

  1. Run each day – long distance, sprints, or a mix of both. This will help with your endurance and build leg and lung strength as the summer months progress and get your body used to the heat and temperatures throughout the day.  Vary your workouts between long distance and sprints to help mimic what its like on the soccer field during the run of play.
  2. Agility Drills – Utilize cones, ladders, or other items to help improve your footwork, balance, and coordination.  Use past ideas from training sessions or create your own
  3. Learn to Use Both Feet – The better players can use both feet for passes, shots, volleys, etc.  Pass with someone, juggle on your own, or find a wall to pass to and use your weaker foot as often as you can.  Mistakes you make now, will limit the ones that could happen later and make you a more complete player

In-House Sports Physicals Info – links for Physicals Signup/Info, and Impact Testing


The optional  In-house Physicals are set for June 6th.   Registration will open on May 9th (link below)

Link to Register – click to register for In-House Physical

Click below for the link to download the letter from our Trainers:


Information can be found on the Ridge Athletics Website (link below)

Ridge Athletics Website Link (click to upload)


2018 Boys Soccer PreSeason Dates  

Team Week / Camp Dates
Monday August 6 – Friday August 10

Varsity Pool Players – UK Elite Camp in Randolph, NJ 

  • The following Varsity Pool Tryout players should sign up for the camp:
    • All returning Varsity Roster Players from 2017 and incoming Seniors for 2018
    • Additional Players: Vishal Rambaran, Giovanni Amalfitano, David Alano, Owen Brady, Bobby Parisi, Nihal Kurki, Kevin Lopez, Chris Profeca, Aidan McCabe, Jamal Lee, Jake Haviland, Bryan Landadio, Billy Connors, David Bartnik, Brian Arrigan

Link for Registration:

Registration Form (click to download)


Freshmen / JV Pool Players – USA Camp located in Basking Ridge area

For the direct link to USA Camps, please click below:

USA Soccer Camps Registration Link


Tryouts Begin Monday August 13

Freshmen Pool Players – 8 am at War Memorial

JV Pool Players – 9 am at War Memorial

Varsity Pool Players  – 1:30 pm mtg in Rm 630 at Ridge High

                                               2 -5 pm on Turf Field